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Sometimes people approach us with requests that are inconvenient, frustrating and even over-stressing to us, but we do it anyway. Saying no can be really difficult to many people.  The next time that you find yourself in a position that you are mumbling words like “sure”, “OK”, “no problem” while in your head you are shouting “No”, “I really don’t want to..” , “I can’t” , “I  don’t feel like it”, think of the costs written below and re-evaluate your answer.

1.When you keep saying no to yourself and yes to everyone else, you end up doubting, undervaluing and hurting your own self-worth.

2.You send out a message to others that your thoughts, feelings and needs aren’t as important as theirs.

3. Living without self- boundaries can lead to feelings of self-sacrifice and the negligence of self- care.

4.Overloading your schedule with irrelevant, unreasonable and inconvenient tasks lead to stagnation ,over-tiredness and lack of focus in your life.

5. A gap is created between who you are and who you want to be, which generates self- criticism and depression.

6. When you put yourself low on the priority list, you will end up losing sight of your own authenticity, wishes, needs and desires and forgetting your own path.

7. Not saying no, when you really want to gets you stuck in a vicious cycle of worries about acceptance and approval of others that is never-ending.

8.It could lead you to living life following others’ plans and desires and leaving you with unsatisfied needs, disappointments, frustrations and recurring regret for once again accepting a request you did not want to do.

9. More demands from others will deplete your resources, which add stress and anxiety in your life. Sadness, helplessness, loss of relational control, low drive and other depressive symptoms can also rise.

10. When you are not being honest about your real feelings and you experience lack of trust, it can weight on your relationship.

11.By always saying yes, after awhile, you might lose respect from others.

12.With time resentments, anger and bitterness come closer to the surface and they could burst uncontrollably doing more damage than if a no was said in the first place.

13.When you don’t say no when you really want to, you are relinquishing your basic human right to decline others.

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