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Myth 1- Having or achieving the “perfect body” makes you happier, more loved, successful etc…

Inaccurate – Having changed the appearance without adjusting the body image will mean that the discontentment and dissatisfaction with the body will still continue even if the size and shape are smaller, because it will seem that it is not enough and that the body or appearance can be better than it is. By having the same negative thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and feelings about your body, you will keep thinking that you can get thinner, prettier, younger looking etc. This principally also happens when the unhealthy habit of upwards comparison is still going strong.

The body itself is not holding you back as much as your body image does. There may be many strengths, talents, positive characteristics, values and passions in you that could help you achieve happiness and success, but they are being overshadowed and ignored by you, due to your focus on your body’s imperfections.

When feelings of embarrassment, discomfort and insecurity result in avoidance of activities and social contacts or when the need for reassurance seeking is burdening the existing relationships, it diminishes the same resources that you need to achieve the happiness and success in your life. This is another example of how the body image inhibits you from achieving the things you want.  When the happiness, satisfaction, love, belonging etc are conditioned on the body appearance, you put your life on hold for an unfeasible condition; thereby they always seem to be elusive and out of reach.

The fact is that you can find them within you by challenging those unrealistic standards, negative thoughts ,regulating your negative emotions, adapting more helpful behaviors and loving and celebrating the whole you.

When your negative thoughts and beliefs about your body and appearance are challenged and the negative emotions are regulated, it consequently improves your mood. Breaking the vicious cycle that maintains the negative body image will raise allot more positive emotions and you will perceive and experience more positivity in your life. The acceptance of your body the way it is will  allow you to perceive many positives in yourself that  you have been ignoring and in your life thereby experiencing more happiness and contentment in whom you already are.

Additionally, good looking people do not necessarily have a positive body image. Many still have insecurities about their body and are struggling to meet and maintain the society’s standards too. Attractiveness is not a prerequisite for success and/or happiness and it does not necessarily prevent one from feeling insecure, lonely, depressed, not feeling like they are good enough nor of having low self-esteem. You  should thus aspire  for a healthy and balanced body image, which will enable you to experience more happiness, confidence, satisfaction, acceptance and peace of mind with body that you have.

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