The Pump Your Body Image Workouts will give you a FREE glimpse so you can get a taste of my grand and life changing online CBT program -Accept and Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body (www.drsharongalor.com).

It costs you ZERO Euro! This is a NO Pitch, NO BS and No dazzle (nothing beyond my natural charm of course) series of workouts that consists of 2 videos, 3 lengthy PDFs and the cherry on the top is a discussion group, where we will meet to discuss body image and share ideas about how we can promote a more healthy body image in our lives. 3 of the 5 exercises are from the program. The other two are bonuses-Just ’cause I am that cute.

If you join me, you will get starting 4/10/2016 an email every 3 days with one workout and the discussion group will take place on 20/10/2016 (Location and time will be given later on). Why gradually? ‘cause there are so many insightful exercises, information and questions packed in it, it will be too much to get it all at once.

All you got to do is log in, click, grab a pen and paper and open your mind for this courageous ride. It is totally FREE. Well, you do need to invest a short time to watch it, effort to do the exercises and come to the discussion group. I know time also has a price tag in your busy life, but it is going to be very tiny one and well worth the investment…I am practical and efficient after all…

If discussion groups are not your thing, no problem!. Just do the
exercises and skip the meeting. You know my motto- do it your way.So, please join us.
Click on I- am-ready-for-my – sneak peek  so sign me up for the FREE Pump Your Body Image Workouts link

Wanna skip the bite size tasting and eat the whole cake right away?

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P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from these workouts and/or loves a fantastic freebie, feel free to share your newly found wealth 😉