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The New Year is a time of reflection. It is also a time of wishing , hoping and dreaming of a  new beginning, growth, change and transformation,  as well as, of planning  and making new resolutions towards a new period of our lives.  Change be it on a large cultural and social scale or a personal one starts with each one of us. Expressing and stating our thoughts are the first little step that makes them concrete.

Lets’ all voice our wishes and dreams about body image out loud at whatever level that you want. I will start by stating these-

*I wish that embracing our uniqueness, authenticity and imperfections will come naturally, automatically and unquestionably to everyone.

*I wish that media and society will focus on empowering and celebrating all types of beauty instead of celebrating unreal,photoshoped and unattainable pictures that ignite feelings of  body shame, frustrations and helplessness from a young age.

*I wish we will bond over our commonalities, achievements, dreams, joys, interests, wisdom, appreciation, grace and charm rather than over bashing our body and appearance with fat talks, self-derogatory labels or exchanging our body alternation methods.

*I wish that we will see the efficiency and helpfulness of self -care, self- acceptance and self- compassion instead of hurting ourselves psychologically and physically by engaging in harmful behaviors and habits.

*I wish we all stop criticizing , bullying and being dismissive towards others who are different than us.

*I wish we will start living at the present and experiencing love, adventure, belonging, successes, pleasure, satisfaction, style  and more right now without “earning the right to have it” after X weight loss or when you get that 6-pack.

* I wish we will all feel  the confidence that comes from acknowledging  and celebrating who you wholly and genuinely are.

*I wish we will all experience a deep sense of happiness, freedom, empowerment and connection with others that results from eliminating that judgmental inner bully that is playing in our minds and controlling our life.

*I wish everyone will have the pleasure of feeling vibrate, alluring, at ease and beautiful in his/her own skin and at the shape s/he has right now.

These are only a few of many… what would you add to my list?

Whatever you do or dream you can do — begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  Happy New Year!

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