1. Practice being mindful- be aware and authentically focused on the present rather than regretting the past or thinking about possible negative scenarios in the future. Mindfulness is characterized by consciously choosing to explore, experience, be curious and open to your feelings, physical sensations, thoughts, behaviors,others and the surroundings. You are therefore off the automatic pilot and more aware of even the smallest and the most fleeting moment of positivity and happiness that you experience, which allows you to savor it.

2. Self-efficacy-Work on boosting your self-efficacy because it facilitates achievements of goals and your psychological well-being, thus it will raise your level of happiness and contentment.  Self-efficacy reflects the belief of being capable to carry out an effective behaviour to cope with challenging demands from the environment and produce the desirable outcome. It makes us more confident, open and hopeful about the future too. Self-efficacy influences the level of effort, motivation, resilience, perseverance and commitment to solve problems and cope with life’s struggles. People with high self-efficacy are more optimistic, satisfied, happy and socially integrated.

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3. Volunteer- making others happy, helping and making a difference in others’ lives makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Seeing the impact that it has on others also makes us feel appreciated and valued. Volunteering  gives us a sense of meaning, purpose and belonging, which adds to our happiness, pride and joy. Acts of kindness can function as a positive distraction or as a way of emotionally coping with our struggles, as well as, it can provide another perspective on our own lives. Research findings even show physical health benefits to 2-3 hours per week of volunteering.

4. Reduce social isolation- Reach out and socialize; socializing more, connecting with others and/or having positive relationships with loved ones and friendships boosts enjoyment, fulfillment, happiness and many other positive emotions,which enriches your life and fills up your resources.

5. Reduce social comparisons – Take images and messages from the media with a grain of salt and beware of comparing yourself with other.

6. Take breaks from technology – Our noses are automatically glued to the screens, which makes us miss a certain level of intimacy and connection with others that can contribute to our happiness even more. It also causes us to lose focus, reduces attention and productivity so turning it off or setting more limits can help us to be more satisfied with the way we that function daily.

You might have noticed that the 12 ways to  boost your happiness and life satisfaction have one thing in common and that is that you need to make an deliberate choice and take action in order to raise your level of happiness and life satisfaction. Feel free to share what, when and how you are going to start applying them  in your life.

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