My practice

The name of my practice portrays that which, in my opinion, therapy should aspire for. Therapy should bring a wave of bright light into your life. The individual therapy in The Light Wave Psychologists Practice is given in Hebrew, English and Dutch. The practice is intended for expat adults (18 years old and older) but naturally Dutch individuals are also welcome. Beside therapy, you can also approach the practice for psychological advice, psychological evaluation and workshops.

Clients typically seek individual therapy when they find it difficult to cope with personal emotional problems or concerns by themselves. Therapy can range from a few sessions that quickly help you get back on track to a more intensive process, which implies more sessions.  The common threads are:  providing support, understanding the nature of the difficulties, developing practical and constructive strategies to overcome and cope with these problems, building up resilience, finding new perspectives and regaining control over our lives.  I perceive psychotherapy as a process of change and development that occurs in the context of a respectful, comforting and empathic therapeutic alliance. It is a collaborative process that is tailored to fit YOUR needs.

My Philosophy


I recognize the uniqueness of each individual.
A thorough psychological assessment will be conducted in the first two sessions. These sessions intend to take the time to listen to all concerns and to understand your unique background, culture, current situation, problems and needs. From there, we formulate together a set of goals and work out a therapy plan, which matches your personal circumstances and wishes. The therapy plan is thus tailored to you individually.

I am goal-oriented.
I keep your goals and desirable results in mind at all time.  I invest 100% in the effort to achieve the best possible results for my clients. My goal is to efficiently and successfully work together with you to attain relief, overcome difficulties, restore balance and achieve all that you desire.

I aspire to provide a short-term, no-nonsense and accessible therapy In contrast to psychoanalytic therapy, which is known to take very long time, I rather use the CBT, which is short term, direct and result focused therapy.  Accessibility is all about openness and literally close location. I think it’s important for client to be in their comfort zone. As many expats live in Amsterdam I choose the city as my location. However, if clients prefer it, I could also arrange to meet them in Den Haag.  I also believe that sometimes it’s a hard to take the first step and to ask for psychological help. That is why I advocate a quick start of sessions and eliminating waiting lists as much as possible.

Privacy is guaranteed (based on the code of ethics for psychologists, 2007):Your privacy is protected and all data will remain confidential. Should you wish to share your dossier with a third party i.e. your medical practitioner, you will need to sign a written consent form. Sometimes in order to have better insight into the problem, it is necessary to obtain further information, such as medical history or past therapy reports from a third party. In such case, I shall also require your written approval. Upon completion of the therapy, I am required by law to still keep your personal file for at least a year.


If you are experiencing any of the complains/symptoms that are described below, and they are severe and/or chronic enough to interfere with your ability to function well, then it may be time to seek help from a professional:

  • feelings of depression, helplessness, hopelessness,
  • loss of pleasure in activities that were formerly enjoyed
  • decreased energy and activity
  • anxiety, worry, restlessness phobias, over- alertness? (Do things seeming out of control? does fear control your life?)
  • decreased tolerance for stresses that were formerly coped with more readily
  • overstressed and overwhelmed
  • have you survived a trauma?
  • has life lost its meaning?
  • excessive self-blame or guilt
  • difficulties in functioning
  • difficulties in finding solutions to problems, feeling stuck?  Having low self-efficacy?
  • concentration and attention problems
  • excessive or chronic anger, irritability and aggression, maybe even anger outbursts or impulsive behavior tendencies?
  • unexplained physical complaints and pain
  • poor self-esteem and low assertiveness
  • avoidance or social withdrawal
  • changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or sleeping too much)
  • having difficulty adapting to life changes or transitions
  • work or social problems

(PTSD of traumatized veterans and terror victims is also treated in The Light Wave Psychologists Practice)

The therapy

Besides the gathering of crucial background information and the psychological assessment (includes questionnaires and/or psychological tests), the purpose of the intake sessions is also to draw up a treatment plan, which suits your needs, goals and wishes. Additionally, practical information about the therapy is also provided, such as various mutual expectations, cancellation rules, billing, etc. Once the treatment plan has been agreed upon, therapy sessions take place. The Light Wave Psychologists Practice applies the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

CBT is an evidence-based treatment based on the idea that thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours are interconnected. For example, the way you think about things can affect how you feel emotionally and physically, and ultimately how you behave. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a short term, focused, problem-solving orientated therapy. CBT focuses on dealing with circumstances ‘here and now’ instead of focusing on the cause of the issue and breaks overwhelming problems into smaller parts to make them easier to deal with. CBT is based on the principle that individuals learn unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving over a long period of time, which maybe maintaining or causing the current problems.  The essence of cognitive behavioural therapy is to identify underlying thoughts behind the problems, examine how they can be problematic and then challenge these thoughts. In so doing generating possible alternative, more balanced thoughts and leading to more positive feelings and behavioural changes.   In CBT, the therapist takes a more directive and collaborative stance.

The client is actively involved in his or her own recovery, has a sense of control and learns skills, which will be useful throughout his or her life.  CBT typically involves reading about the problem, keeping records between appointments and completing homework assignments in which the treatment procedures are practiced. The skills learned during the therapy sessions must practiced repeatedly in daily lives in order to achieve improvement. Besides the new skills, the client also achieves new insights that will enable him or her at the end of the therapy process to be self-reliant and his or her own therapist. After a while a psychological evaluation of current status/outcome will take place. Then the client and I shall discuss the progress and make future plans regarding termination or continuation of therapy.



Office address in Amsterdam and for correspondence:

Zekeringstraat 17

1014 BM Amsterdam

Dr. Sharon Galor:   (to make appointments)

general info:


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